prolem set 8 - BIOL 270 PROBLEM SET - WEEK 8 Problems 53-59...

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1 BIOL 270 PROBLEM SET - WEEK 8 Reticulum I and II: 53. Suppose you are studying the insertion of a transmembrane protein into the lipid bilayer. There are "start" sequences (or signal sequences) which initiate the start of insertion into the ER membrane, and there are also "stop" sequences which halt the insertion into the e.r. Consider an mRNA that has the following organization: 5'--AUG----50 codons----start sequence----75 codons----stop sequence-- --25 codons---start sequence---100 codons---UAG--3' If the start and stop sequences are each 20 amino acids in length, how long is the completed protein? Draw the protein as it would reside in the plasma membrane. Make sure to include the lipid bilayer. Label the outside and inside of the cell, the N- terminus and the C-terminus of the protein, the number of amino acids in each portion of the protein.
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2 54. Suppose you are studying the secretion of an antibody (a soluble protein). Antibodies are completely secreted, are not integral membrane proteins, and (in this case) are not glycosylated. You get lucky and set up an in vitro system to study the insertion of the antibody protein across the e.r. membrane. The in vitro system utilizes pure mRNA for the protein, all of the necessary components for translation (ribosomes, tRNAs, factors, GTP, etc.), and purified e.r. microsomal vesicles. The mRNA sequences encodes the following protein sequence (single-letter amino acid abbreviations): 2 NH -MILLSLPTMWAAGGLLIISEVADGYFSSERGAPAGPAGTGKTETTKDL. .. However, the secreted antibody has been sequenced and it has the following
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prolem set 8 - BIOL 270 PROBLEM SET - WEEK 8 Problems 53-59...

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