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asign #3 psych 235

asign #3 psych 235 - Assignment#3 Focus on Research The...

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Assignment #3: Focus on Research The goal of this assignment is to read & understand a journal article. Your understanding will be tested in a series of questions that follow the FOCUS ON RESEARCH format from your book (eg. pg. 295). Be sure to do this in your own words , as if explaining to a fellow student who had never heard of this study. Make sure to give details and examples . Point values and specifics are listed for each question. Two points will be awarded for grammar, spelling, and coherence. Make sure you answer all parts of the questions. You can use this file as a template for your responses. 1. Who were the investigators and what was the aim of the study? (2pts) --Include investigators & where they are from (or the group name and some defining characteristics if more than 12 investigators are involved). --Include aim or goal of study (why did they do this?). 2. How did the investigators measure the topic of interest? (2pts) --Describe procedure, in general.
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