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1 CIVL 4080 Concrete Design Spring 2010 Home Work #2 Assigned: February 5 th Due: February 12 th 1. Problem #1 (Problem 1.1 in the textbook) 2. Problem # 2 A 10-ft long reinforced concrete column is characterized by a 10in-side square cross section and is reinforced with four No 10 (SI No 32) bars. By assuming that the column is subjected to pure compression, compute the relationship between the applied load and the displacement at the top of the column up to failure. Assume an elastic-plastic constitutive law for steel ( E s =29,000 ksi, f y =60 ksi) and a nonlinear constitutive law (parabola + plateau,
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Unformatted text preview: f’ c =4 ksi, f d =0.85 f’ c , =0.002, u =0.003) for concrete. 3. Problem # 3 The reinforced concrete cross section depicted below is subjected to pure bending (no axial force). By assuming E s =29,000 ksi, E c =3,000 ksi, and f’ t =400 psi, compute 1. The moment of first cracking by neglecting the reinforcement; 2. The moment of first cracking by taking into account the reinforcement; 3. The maximum steel and concrete stresses for a bending moment M =3 M cr , M cr is the cracking moment computed in item 2. Use constitutive laws for service loading conditions. 3#7 12 in 22 in...
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