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1 CIVL 4080 Concrete Design Spring 2010 Home Work #4 Assigned: February 23 rd Due: March 2 nd 1. Determine the design moment capacity for the T-Beam shown below observing ACI 318 code specifications. Given: c f = 5000 psi, y f = 60,000 psi b = 30 in, h f = 3 in, b w = 12 in, d = 18 in, h = 21 in A s = 3#9 2. A rectangular concrete beam measures 12 in. wide and has an effective depth of 18 in. Compression steel consisting of two No. 8 bars is located 2.5 in. from the compression face of the beam. If c f = 4000 psi and y f = 60,000 psi, what is the design moment capacity of the beam, according the ACI Code, for the following alternative tensile steel
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Unformatted text preview: areas: (a) s A = three No. 8 bars (b) s A = four No. 8 bars 3. A rectangular concrete beam is limited by architectural considerations to a maximum total depth of h = 20 in. The beam has a span of 30 ft and is subjected to a service uniform live load of 1650 lb/ft. Allow 3 in. to the center of the bars from the tension face of the beam. Material strengths are c f = 4000 psi and y f = 60,000 psi. Select reinforcement to provide the needed areas, and show a sketch of your final design, including provision for stirrups. Observe ACI specifications for concrete cover and rebar distance....
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