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Homework # 6 - concentrated factored load of 12 kips It...

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1 CIVL 4080 Concrete Design Spring 2010 Home Work #6 Assigned: March 26 th Due: April 2 nd 1. A beam is to be designed for factored loads causing a maximum shear of 44.0 kips, using concrete with c f = 4000 psi. Follow the ACI code requirements and let d = 2b in each case. Proceeding on the basis that the concrete dimensions will be determined by diagonal tension, select the appropriate width and effective depth: (a) For a beam in which no web reinforcement is to be used (b) For a beam in which only the minimum web reinforcement is provided, as given by Eq. (4.13) in text (c) For a beam in which web reinforcement provides shear strength V s = 2V c . Calculations may be based on the more approximate value of V c given by Eq. (4.12b) in text. 2. A beam of 11 in. width and effective depth of 16 in. carries a factored uniformly distributed load of 5.3 kips/ft, including its own weight, in addition to a central,
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Unformatted text preview: concentrated factored load of 12 kips. It spans 18 ft, and restraining end moments at full factored load are 137 ft-kips at each support. It is reinforced with three No. 9 bars for both positive and negative bending. If c f = 4000 psi, through what part of the beam is web reinforcement theoretically required if: (a) Eq. (4.12b) in text is used (b) Eq. (4.12a) in text is used Comment on the result. 3. A rectangular isolated beam has an effective span of 25ft and carries a working live load of 7500 lb per linear foot and no external load except its self weight. Design the necessary shear reinforcement. Use the more approximate value of V c given by Eq. (4.12b) in text. Given: c f = 4000 psi, normal weight concrete y f = 60,000 psi b w = 14 in d = 28 in h = 30 in Longitudinal tension steel: six No. 9 bars No axial force acts on the beam...
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