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Homework # 7 - n = 18 ft and is subjected to an intensity...

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1 CIVL 4080 Concrete Design Spring 2010 Home Work #7 Assigned: April 2 nd Due: April 9 th 1. A cantilever beam is subjected to a concentrated service live load of 25,000 lb acting at a distance of 3 ft 6 in from the wall support. Its cross section is 10 in. × 20 in. with an effective depth d = 17 in. Design the shear reinforcement (stirrups) according to the ACI code. Given: c f = 3000 psi, normal weight concrete y f = 40,000 psi 2. The first interior span of a continuous beam has a clear span l
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Unformatted text preview: n = 18 ft and is subjected to an intensity of external uniform service live load w L = 1800 lb/ft and a service dead load w D = 2200 lb/ft not including self-weight. Design the section for flexure and shear (according to the ACI code), including the size and spacing of the stirrups. Assume that I. The beam width b w = 15 in. II. The beam is not subjected to torsion, and III. All spans are equal. Given: c f = 5000 psi, normal weight concrete y f = 60,000 psi...
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