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1 CIVL 4080 Concrete Design Spring 2010 Home Work #8 Assigned: April 9 th Due: April 15 th 1. The beam shown below is subjected to a uniform service (unfactored) dead load of 1000 lb/ft (excluding self weight) and a concentrated service (unfactored) live load of 10 kips. Using ACI specifications, design the following for the section: a. The tensile reinforcement,
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Unformatted text preview: b. The shear reinforcement and spacing, and c. The termination points and development length for ½ the tensile reinforcement for both positive and negative moment. Use design equations only (do not use the chart to determine the theoretical cut-off points). Given: c f = 4000 psi, normal weight concrete y f = 40,000 psi...
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