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Le Corbusier/Pierre Jeanneret: Five Points towards a new architecture. Originally published in Almanach de l'Architecture moderne, Paris 1926. The theoretical considerations set out below are based on many years of practical experience on building sites. Theory demands concise formulation. The following points in no way relate to aesthetic fantasies or a striving for fashionable effects, but concern architectural facts that imply an entirely new kind of building, from the dwelling house to palatial edifices. 1. The supports. To solve a problem scientifically means in the first place to distinguish between its elements. Hence in the case of a building a distinction can immediately be made between the supporting and the non- supporting elements. The earlier foundations, on which the building rested without a mathematical check, are replaced by individual foundations and the walls by individual supports. Both supports and support foundations are precisely calculated according to the burdens they are called upon to carry. These supports are spaced out at specific, equal intervals, with no thought for the interior arrangement of the building. They rise directly from the floor to 3, 4, 6, etc. metres and elevate the ground floor. The rooms are thereby removed from the dampness of the soil; they have light and air; the building plot is left to the garden, which consequently passes under the house. The same area is also
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Modernity Reading - LE CORBUSIER MANIFESTO Page 1 of 2 Le...

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