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MEEN 260 Introduction to Engineering Experimentation Homework 2: Probability and Statistics Assigned: Thursday, 29 Jan. 2009 Due: Thursday, 5 Feb. 2009, 5:00 pm Homework Problems: Problem 1) Determine the relations for converting; a. Kilometers per liter to miles per gallon (US). b. Specific Heat in kJ/kgC to Btu/lbmF. Example: Converting viscosity in 2 ft s lbf to 2 m s N = = 2 2 2 2 88 . 47 3048 . 0 1 22481 . 0 1 1 1 m s N m ft lbf N ft s lbf ft s lbf Problem 2) The time taken for a computer packet to travel from Cambridge UK to Cambridge MA follows a Gaussian distribution. 6.8% of the packets take over 200 ms to make the trip, and 3% take under 140 ms. Find the mean and standard deviation of the distribution. Problem 3)
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Unformatted text preview: Sawmill A produces boards whose lengths follow a Gaussian distribution with a mean of 209.4 cm and a standard deviation of 5 cm. A board is accepted if it is longer than 200 cm, but it is rejected otherwise. Sawmill B produces boards with the same standard deviation, but with a mean length of 210.1 cm. Find the proportion of rejected boards if boards are drawn from a pool of the production of the sawmills, and the sawmill outputs have a 3:1 ratio between A:B. Problem 4) Due to a variety of sources, the length of a machined part has a Gaussian distributed length with a mean of 11 cm and a standard distribution of 0.2 cm. If the length must be between 10.6 cm and 11.2 cm, what percentage of parts are rejected?...
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