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Homework 7 Solution

Homework 7 Solution - MEEN 260 Introduction to Engineering...

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MEEN 260 Introduction to Engineering Experimentation Homework 7: Sensor Specifications Assigned: Thursday, 5 Mar. 2009 Due: Thursday, 26 Mar. 2008, 5:00pm Homework Problems: Problem 1) A Thermister is designed to operate between -200C and 200C. Assuming R min =3 , R max =100 , and a linear relationship between resistance and temperature, and the resistance measurement is 50 . What temperature is it? Problem 2) Sensor Cost: Flowmeters a) Go to www.omega.com and list 5 different types of flow meters (e.g. ultrasonic) b) Find a turbine flow meter made of stainless steel that can handle up to 500 gpm. What is the part number and price? c) Find the least expensive turbine (liquid) flow meter with electronic output that has an approximate range of 0.1-5 gpm. What is the part number and price? How much pressure can it tolerate? What is the accuracy? Problem 3) Sensor Range: Accelerometers and Shock Testing Figure 2 illustrates the use of a hammer-type shock-testing device used to study the effects of head injury resulting from an impact. Assume that the device has a 12 kg mass attached to the end of a 1.0 meter arm. Assume that we wish to impart an impulse of s N F = 25 ˆ to the test object. Determine the angle
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