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MEEN 344: Section 502 HW Problem Set #2 (Due on 09/12/06) 1 A hollow metal cube with sides 100 mm floats at the interface between a layer of water and a layer of SAE 10W oil such that 20% of the cube is exposed to the oil. What is the pressure difference between the upper and the lower horizontal surfaces? What is the average density of the cube? 2 A manometer is formed from glass tubing with uniform inside diameter, D = 12.27 mm, as shown. The U-tube is partially filled with water. Then Volume = 14 cm 3 of Meriam red oil is added to the left side.
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Unformatted text preview: Calculate the equilibrium height, H, when both legs of the U-tube are open to the atmosphere. P.2 3 A rectangular gate (width w = 2m) is hinged as shown, with a stop on the lower edge. At what depth H will the gate tip? P.3 4 The gate shown is 1.5 m wide and pivoted at O ; a = 1.0 m-2 , D = 1.30 m, and H = 1.40 m. Determine (a) the magnitude and moment of the vertical component of the force about O , and (b) the horizontal force that must be applied at the point A to hold the gate in position. P.4 0.65 m...
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