Meen 344- HW 3

Meen 344 HW 3 - distilled water For the unit shown the immersed volume in distilled water is 15 cm 3 The stem is 5 mm in diameter Find the distance

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MEEN 344: Section 502 HW Problem Set #3 (Due on 09/19/06) 1 . Consider the cylindrical weir of diameter 5m and length 6m. If the fluid on the left has a specific gravity of 1.6, and on the right has a specific gravity of 0.8, find the magnitude and direction of the resultant force. 2 . Find the specific weight of the sphere shown if its volume is 1 ft 3 . State all assumptions. What is the equilibrium position of the sphere if the weight is removed? 3 . A hydrometer is a specific gravity indicator, the value being indicated by the level at which the free surface intersects the stem when floating in a liquid. The 1.0 mark is the level when in
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Unformatted text preview: distilled water. For the unit shown, the immersed volume in distilled water is 15 cm 3 . The stem is 5 mm in diameter. Find the distance, h, from the 1.0 mark to the surface when the hydrometer is placed in a nitric acid solution of specific gravity 1.5. 4 . An open tank is filled to the top with water. A steel cylindrical container, wall thickness δ = 2 mm, outside diameter D = 100 mm, and height H = 1 m, with an open top, is gently placed in water. What is the volume of water that overflows from the tank? How many 1 kg weights must be placed in the container to make it sink? Neglect surface tension effects....
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