Meen 344- HW 4

Meen 344- HW 4 - gage pressure is 96 kPa The water...

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MEEN 344: Section 502 HW Problem Set #4 (Due on 10/03/06) 1. A two-dimensional reducing bend has a linear velocity profile at section 1 . The flow is uniform at sections 2 and 3 . The fluid is incompressible and the flow is steady. Find the magnitude and direction of the uniform velocity at section 3 . 2. Consider incompressible steady flow of standard air in a boundary layer on the length of porous surface shown. Assume the boundary layer at the downstream end of the surface has an approximately parabolic velocity profile, 2 ) / ( ) / ( 2 / δ y y U u = . Uniform suction is applied along the porous surface, as shown. Calculate the volume flow rate across surface cd , through the porous suction surface, and across surface bc . 3. Water is flowing steadily through the 180 o elbow shown. At the inlet to the elbow the
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Unformatted text preview: gage pressure is 96 kPa. The water discharges to atmospheric pressure. Assume properties are uniform over the inlet and outlet areas: A 1 = 2500 mm 2 , A 2 = 550 mm 2 , and V 1 = 4 m/s. Find the horizontal component of force required to hold the elbow in place 4. A rocket sled accelerates from rest on a level track with negligible air and rolling resistances. The initial mass of the sled is M o = 500 kg. The rocket initially contains 150 kg of fuel. The rocket motor burns fuel at constant rate m ± = 15 kg/s. Exhaust gases leave the rocket nozzle uniformly and axially at V e = 2500 m/s relative to the nozzle, and the pressure is atmospheric. Find the maximum speed reached by the rocket sled. Calculate the maximum acceleration of the sled during the run....
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Meen 344- HW 4 - gage pressure is 96 kPa The water...

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