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MEEN 344: Section 502 HW Problem Set #10 (Due on 11/21/06) 1. The roof on a minivan is approximated as a horizontal flat plate. Plot the length of the laminar boundary layer as a function of minivan speed, V, as the minivan accelerates from 50 mph to 150 mph. 2. A thin flat plate, L = 0.3 m long and b = 2 m wide, is installed in a water tunnel as a splitter. The freestream speed is U = 2 m/s and the velocity profile in the boundary layer is approximate as parabolic. Plot δ , δ *, and τ w versus x/L for the plate. 3. Water at 15 o C flows over a flat plate at the speed of 1 m/s. The plate is 0.4 m long and 2 m wide.
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Unformatted text preview: The boundary layer on each surface of the plate is laminar. Assume that the velocity profile may be approximated as linear. Determine the drag force on the plate. 4. The foils of a surface-piercing hydrofoil watercraft have a total effective area of 0.7 m 2 . Their coefficients of lift and drag are 1.6 and 0.6, respectively. The total mass of the craft in running trim is 1800 kg. Determine the minimum speed at which the craft is supported by the hydrofoils. At this speed, find the power required to overcome water resistance. If the craft is fitted with a 110 kW engine, estimate its top speed....
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