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Exam 2 Solution - Spring 2009 EXAM 2 MEEN 357 Dr Bowen...

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Spring 2009 MEEN 357 Exam 2-Solution 2009 RMB 1 EXAM 2 MEEN 357 March 26, 2009 Dr. Bowen Section: 502 Name: ____________________________________________ "Aggies do not lie, cheat, or steal, nor do they tolerate those who do." Aggie Code of Honor By my signature below I pledge that my conduct on this exam is consistent in every way with the Aggie Code of Honor: Signature: ____________________________________________ 1. This exam consists of six (6) problems that are weighted as shown below. The last question is take home and requires the use of MATLAB. You will receive this question and appropriate instructions by Email not later than midnight March 26, 2009. a) If you do not receive the take home question in your Email, notify [email protected] . b) The take home portion of the exam will be due by Email with a time stamp not later than 8am, Saturday, March 28, 2009. 2. This is a open textbook ( Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB, Second Edition, by Steven C. Chapra ) open lecture note exam. a) The lecture notes are those posted on Vista Blackboard. 1. It is understood that you add incidental comments to your copies of these notes. b) You may also use graded homework solutions and the solutions posted on Vista Blackboard c) You may not use individual notes that you have created other than what you have added to the pages of the posted and printed class notes. 3. You may use handheld calculators unless the problem dictates otherwise. a) You may not use other computing devices for the in-class portion of the exam. 4. Be sure to read the question carefully. 5. Be sure to show all work and calculations , and organize your solution procedure as clearly and systematically as possible. a) Example: Do not simply enter a string of numbers in your calculators and write down the answer. Write out the numbers in a mathematical formula and then show the answers obtained from doing the mathematical operations on your calculators. 6. For the in-class portion of the exam, work problems in the space provided on the exam sheets. Clearly indicate continuation of the problem if you need extra pages. GRADE Problem 1: ____ 12.96 / 15% (In Class) Problem 2: ____ 13.35 / 15% (In Class) Problem 3: ____ 12.73 / 15% (In Class) Problem 4: ____ 13.50 / 15% (In Class) Problem 5: _____ 4.54 / 15% (In Class) Problem 6: ____ 18.79 / 25% (Take Home) TOTAL : ______ 75.88
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Spring 2009 MEEN 357 Exam 2-Solution 2009 RMB 2 1. (15%) You are given the following system of equations. 12 3 3 3 15 3 3800 3 18 6 1200 4 12 2350 xx x x x −= −+ = −− + = (1.1) a. (5%) If you were to attempt to solve this system by the Gauss-Seidel iteration method, are you assured in advance that it will converge? Why? Explain your answer. b. (10%) Give the MATLAB script sufficient to generate the solution (1.1) by the Gauss-Seidel method such that the final percentage relative error is less than 5%. You must clearly print your script. Otherwise, your results will be considered incorrect. You may assume you have full access to all of the MATLAB tools we have discussed.
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Exam 2 Solution - Spring 2009 EXAM 2 MEEN 357 Dr Bowen...

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