1 2 r m s solving for g gives m3 g 172 kg s 2 thus g

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Unformatted text preview: owing expression m kg2 m F Gm G 2 kg 2 (17.1) 2 r m s Solving for G gives: m3 G (17.2) kg s 2 Thus, G is measured in cubic meters per kilogram-second squared. Prob 1.23) (a) The rate is the amount filled per unit time. Thus we need only divide the amount filled, 30.0 gallons, by the fill time, 7.00 minutes. We can rewrite the time using the conversion 60 s 1 min . Thus we have 4.00 min 4.20 102 s . Respecting significant figures we see that Volume 30.0 gal rate 7.14 10 2 gal s Time 42.0 s (b) Here we are asked to convert gallons to cubic meters in order to convert gal/s to cubic meters/s. To do this it is easier to convert ga...
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