Physics 207 Exam 2 Solution

Physics 207 Exam 2 Solution - Physics 207 Exam 2 Name Key...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 207 Exam 2 Oct 28, 2005 Name: Key Section: TA: Annie, Christie, Fan, Larry, Laura, Patrick, Instructions: 1. Don’t forget to write down your name and section number. 2. Only one answer is allowed for each multiple-choice question. 3. Except for the multiple-choice problems, a reasonable amount of work is required to receive full credit. 4. Be aware that intermediate steps earn points even if the final answer is incorrect. 5. Erase (or cross out) any mistakes or you will be marked down. Grading is based on everything you have written down. Problem 1: multiple-choice questions (30 points, 3 points each): Please circle the correct answer for each question below. Only one correct answer per question is expected. Answer with more than one choice earns zero credit. (1) A particle is in circular motion. The net force on it is: (a) always in the same direction of the velocity; (b) always perpendicular to the velocity; (c) always pointing towards to center; (d) none of above . (2) For a particle in uniform circular motion, which of the following quantities is constant? (a) velocity; (b) momentum; (c) kinetic energy ; (d) angular momentum relative to an arbitrary origin. (3) An object, subject to a net (varying) force F, travels through a closed path and comes back to its starting position. What is the total work done by the force during the motion: (a) always zero; (b) always positive; (c) always negative; (d) not enough information to determine ....
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Physics 207 Exam 2 Solution - Physics 207 Exam 2 Name Key...

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