Econ 302 Syllabus - Econ 302 Fall 2006 C Engel Intermediate...

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Fall 2006 C. Engel Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory Syllabus Course Objectives We will undertake an in-depth study of macroeconomic theory and policy. Macroeconomics studies how different markets work together in general equilibrium. Markets for labor, saving and investment, and financial assets interact to determine the economy’s long-run growth and its fluctuations. These markets also determine economic variables such as inflation, interest rates, foreign exchange rates, trade balances and unemployment. We will study the markets in isolation and together in equilibrium. We also put a strong emphasis on the role of monetary and fiscal policy in achieving better macroeconomic outcomes. Prerequisites Introductory micro and macroeconomics, calculus Course Requirements All the readings on the list below are required. The Mankiw text is the focus of our study. The other readings are supplements that help fill in the picture. They are all taken from publications of the Federal Reserve system, and will give you an idea of how practicing economists think about the issues we discuss in class. Homework will be assigned each week. You may work with your classmates on the assignment, but you must turn in your own answers. There will be two mid-terms and a final exam: Exam Schedule 1 st mid-term Wednesday, October 11 2 nd mid-term Wednesday, November 15 Final exam, Saturday, December 23, 12:25 PM Please note the late date of the Final Exam!! Do not make plans to leave Madison before the final exam. I will not accept as an excuse to take the exam earlier that you already made plans or have an airline ticket for an earlier date. Do not enroll in this class if you cannot be here for the final exam on December 23. Homework is 10% of the final grade, each mid-term counts 25% of the final grade
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Econ 302 Syllabus - Econ 302 Fall 2006 C Engel Intermediate...

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