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EXTRA CREDIT FOR PSYCHOLOGY 202 Fall 2006 Psychology 202 Research Coordinator: Dr. Valerie Ahl email: [email protected] This document describes the mechanisms and procedures for earning extra credit in Introductory Psychology. From time to time you will have questions about these procedures, such as where to show up for experiments or quizzes, etc. In such instances you can contact Dr. Valerie Ahl for clarification and information. Psychology 202 Research Coordinator: Valerie Ahl, Ph.D. email: [email protected] Phone: 698-7924 (Please also send an email to make sure you get a reply) Office: Room 330 Psychology Office Hours: Mondays 5-6 p.m. (and by appointment). You can also leave messages on the door of room 330 Psychology. If you are looking for an experiment and/ or need immediate assistance, you may also contact Mr. Gary Malchow in room 238 Psychology. As long as you have the experiment 3-letter identification code, Mr. Malchow will be able to direct you to the experiment or help you contact the researchers. If you cannot find Mr. Malchow, please email Dr. Ahl and I will reply as soon as possible. You may earn up to 15 extra credit points which will be applied to your Psychology 202 grade, after the final course curve has been calculated (see your course syllabus for details on course grades). Earning extra credit points is voluntary. There are two ways to earn extra credit points: (1) Participate in Psychology Research. (2) Complete additional readings and multiple choice quizzes. Your 15 points may be earned using any combination of options (1) and (2), however, option (1) offers you a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience with Psychology. All questions about extra credit should be directed to the Psychology 202 Research Coordinator, Dr. Valerie Ahl. OPPORTUNITY (1) RESEARCH PARTICIPATION Students in Psychology 202 have the opportunity to earn extra credit by participating directly in research studies conducted by faculty members in this Department. Participating in research gives you a first-hand chance to see how experiments in Psychology are conducted. It also gives our faculty members a chance to improve understanding of human behavior. You may earn one extra credit point for every 30 minutes of experimental participation. Where to sign-up for research participation: Sign-up sheets are kept in folders on the slanted shelf outside of your lecture hall - Room 105. 1
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Experiments are identified by an important 3-letter-code on the outside of the folder (you will need this code to get your points). Inside the folder is the following information: (a) any restrictions on participation (e.g., females only or perfect vision). (b) how much time it takes.
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Extra_Credit_handoutFall06 - EXTRA CREDIT FOR PSYCHOLOGY...

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