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Children in Sports - Terrion Jones Kin 2530 Professor...

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Terrion Jones Kin 2530 Professor Samson-Givens 22 June 2010 Children in Sports Early participation in sport can have positive lifelong effects on a child, but it also put a strain on the family’s schedules and relationship. Starting child off in sports at a young age has its benefits. Children are usually searching for their inner selves at an early age, so sports give them the guidance they need. It builds self-confidence, increases their self-esteem and it helps maintain health and fitness. Also sports build skills like team work, familiarity, and sociability. Studies show that physical activity stimulates the brain. It has been known for children who participate in sports, problems solving skills increase along with their skill to read and response faster to situations (Child Genius Magazine). We live in a society where obesity is a huge struggle, child who are active are far less likely to suffer from obesity or other weight issues (www. Competitive sports give children opportunity to move, but it can also take the fun out of play. In today’s society
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Children in Sports - Terrion Jones Kin 2530 Professor...

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