Finite Math 160 Syllabus

Finite Math 160 Syllabus - Finite Math 160-Summer 2009 Math...

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Finite Math 160-Summer 2009 Math 160 Business Calculus Mon-Fri 8:00-9:40am Office: SEO 537 Phone: 312-413-5439 Office Hours: M, W 11:45-1:00 e-mail: (Subject must state Math 160 or may be discarded as spam) Text: Calculus, 9 th edition by Goldstein, Schneider, and Siegel Content: This course provides an opening look at the calculus subject, which is a large step upwards from algebra. Thus, the student is encouraged to put in more time and effort than was necessary to pass the prerequisite course(s). Calculator: A calculator is necessary to do many problems throughout the course, and a graphing calculator with matrix capability is highly recommended, such as the TI-83 or TI-84 Homework: You are encouraged to discuss homework problems with your fellow students and to work together. Working in groups makes the explanation of approaches and solutions a part of the process and helps you learn. Your goal is to find solutions and to communicate your work in a convincing manner. MyMathLab is an online system which will be used for the homework portion of your grade as well as part of the quiz portion of your grade. This class cannot be passed without earning the credits available on the MyMathLab system. Remember: Read the book, try different methods to solve problems, talk with other students about the problems, ask questions. Academic Integrity: Students are expected to be thoroughly familiar with the University's policy on academic integrity. See Undergraduate Catalog. The University has instituted serious penalties for academic dishonesty. We have encouraged
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Finite Math 160 Syllabus - Finite Math 160-Summer 2009 Math...

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