202 Syllabus - 8wkSummer2010martes y jueves_mlf

202 Syllabus - 8wkSummer2010martes y jueves_mlf - SPAN 202:...

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SPAN 202: SPANISH GRAMMAR IN PRACTICE Spring 2010 Instructor : Mandy L. Faretta Office : 1624 University Hall Office hours : Tues/Thurs 10-10:45 E-mail : mfaret2@uic.edu Course content As the title indicates, this course is designed to be a review of Spanish grammar. It covers the main aspects of the Spanish grammar system, including nouns and adjectives, determiners, pronouns, all verb tenses, their conjugation and use, clauses, and orthography. Each student will come to the course with different background knowledge of grammar; therefore, some topics may seem easy to you while others may be more complicated, and may even present you with material you have not been previously exposed to. The course will focus on the topics that cause most difficulty for English-speaking students in general, especially those related to verbs (e.g., the 14 verb tenses, preterit/imperfect, indicative/subjunctive, ser / estar ). When necessary, comparisons with English will be presented, as will references to regional varieties of Spanish. An important aspect of this course is the presentación pedagógica (teaching presentation or lesson) that all students will complete. The purpose is to give you an opportunity to practice the grammar you have learned in class by actually developing a lesson and teaching it to the rest of the class . At least half of the students in this course are Teacher Education majors who plan to become Spanish teachers. Even though many students in this course do not intend to become Spanish teachers, there is a great deal of truth in the maxim that we often learn something best when we have to teach it to someone else. Course format This course meets two times per week. There are homework assignments on Blackboard due most Sundays by midnight . See the calendar for exact due dates. Attendance policy Absences : You may miss class 2 times (the equivalent of 6 hours) for any reason (e.g., medical, personal, family, trips, emergency conditions, religious holidays, etc.) without your participation grade being affected. After the third (3rd) absence, and for every subsequent absence, your participation grade will reflect that you have missed class. You cannot participate if you are not present in class.
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202 Syllabus - 8wkSummer2010martes y jueves_mlf - SPAN 202:...

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