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AD420 • ECE396 • MKTG594 Dell Project Fall Semester, 2009 Loay Abusalah , Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering Stephen Melamed , Industrial Design, College of Architecture+Arts Albert Page , Marketing, College of Business Administration IPD : : Interdisciplinary Product Development This course in Interdisciplinary Product Development is team-taught by faculty members from three colleges: Architecture+Arts, Business Administration, and Engineering. In addition, there will be several other faculty providing valuable guest lectures on specific areas of expertise. Teams of six or seven students from industrial design, marketing, and engineering work together to identify and develop opportunities for new products in a broad market arena defined by a corporate client/class sponsor. The year-long (2 semesters - Fall '09 & Spring '10) design process of identifying and developing a new product opportunity will culminate in the creation of form and functional prototypes. Each team will make four presentations of course progress to top management of the client company. The corporate sponsor/client for 2009-2010 is Dell . They have provided an interesting and challenging assignment, as well as significant financial support for the course. They will also be sharing proprietary information and knowl- edge with the class. All students will be required to sign a Confidentiality Non- Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and an Intellectual Property Agreement (IP) that gives the client ownership of the work product of all student teams and faculty. This arrangement has been approved by the University Legal Department as well as the Deans of all three colleges. Tuesdays 2:00-5:00pm UIC Innovation Center 1240 W. Harrison Street (Unless announced otherwise) There may also be team meetings with faculty until 6:00pm. Course Syllabus Class Meetings Stephen Melamed , IDSA Albert L. Page , PhD Loay Abusalah , PhD Art+Design Business Industrial Design Marketing Computer Engineering 106 JH/Tres Design Group 2220 UH 1034 SEO 312.996.3337 312.996.6233 312.413.0030 melamed@uic.edu alp3@uic.edu labusa@ece.uic.edu Faculty Course Web Site http://www.ipd.uic.edu/IPD Teams Each team will consist of 1-3 students from each of the three disciplines -
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F09-IPD_Syllabus-CourseInfo_Updated - AD420 ECE396 MKTG594...

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