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SOWK1001 Essay - Name: Lai Mei Kwan Michele UID: 2008078522

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Name: Lai Mei Kwan Michele UID: 2008078522 BSc(Bioinformatics) II SOWK1001 Essay (Topic 7) SOWK1001 Introduction to Social Administration Essay Topic 7: COMMENT ON THE VARIOUS OPTIONS OF FINANCING THE MEDICAL AND HEALTH CARE IN HONG KONG AS SUGGESTED BY THE SAR GOVERNMENT IN ITS CONSULTATIVE PAPER, 2008. EXPLAIN YOUR OWN CHOICE OF OPTION. Introduction Hong Kong, as a former colony of Britain, adopts the tax-based system introduced by the Britain. We are renowned for being one of the lowest tax rates around the world. However, unlike other developed countries, their government will provide their citizens with all-round medical insurance. The current system in Hong Kong is still fine and work, but if there are epidemic outbreak, demand rising, industrial accidents or any emergency cases, the resources will be constrained. However according to the Basic Law, Hong Kong must keep its tax low. Therefore we should seek other supplementary financing options to deal with the problem. According to the government’s consultative paper in 2008, there are totally 6 different supplementary financing options suggested. Although the Chief Executive Sir Donald Tsang has made his speech confirming one of the options, Voluntary Private Health Insurance, is supported by the government in the previous speech, I would like to analyze the other options as well and state my own choice. Standing out in front of other developed countries, Hong Kong is renowned for its relatively high-quality and well-developed healthcare system for citizens. Research has proved that life expectancy and infant mortality of Hong Kong citizens rank among the best in the world. At the same time we enjoy high-quality of medication and health services, Hong Kong’s healthcare system is facing number of challenges. Most of these challenges are related to financial inadequate. As the medical standard in Hong Kong is so high that we are enjoying a longer life expectancy, which in other words, we also suffered from the social problems brought out by rapid aging population. On the other hand nowadays in Hong Kong, we are having a fast but unhealthy lifestyle which will lead to certain kinds of diseases that was rare in the old days. Medications are getting more and more expensive also, thus more and more citizens rely on public hospital system, and as a result, the burden of public hospital is much higher than that of private hospital. Concerning the abovementioned crisis faced by the healthcare services in Hong Kong, a medical and healthcare system reform is a must in order to solve ease the financial burden. The six supplementary financing options suggested are namely, Social Health Insurance, Out-of-Pockets Payments, Medical Savings Accounts, Voluntary Private Health Insurance, Mandatory Private Health Insurance and Personal Healthcare Reserve (PHR). By simply looking at the wordings of the six options, ordinary citizens can hardly tell the details and differences among them. We always need to
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SOWK1001 Essay - Name: Lai Mei Kwan Michele UID: 2008078522

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