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10.1 Course and Learning Objectives

10.1 Course and Learning Objectives - BIOC2808 Sequence...

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BIOC2808 – Sequence Bioinformatics Course Objectives: To enable students to apply bioinformatic methods for comparing sequences to analyse and solve problems relating to identifying and assigning biological function, interpreting or predicting the effects of mutation on function and disease, and analysing the process of molecular change (phylogenetics). To build Markov model based algorithm for genomic (sequence) classification and gene prediction. Course Focus: This course will address the methods of sequence comparisons based on alignments and phylogenetics. Local, global, pair-wise and multiple alignments and their application to database searching will be investigated. Protein family and phylogenetic studies will be undertaken to examine the variability, relationships and process of change among and within sequences. The role of genetic mutations in disease will provide a target for the analyses. Java/perl will be used to assist in performing analyses and R will be introduced to perform statistical and graphical analyses of the data.
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