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ANS A3 - 1b(A:1,B:3:3,H:4:5(E:2,F:1:4,G:5:3:2(C:6,D:7:6 2...

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Lai Mei Kwan Michele UID: 2008078522 BSc(Bioinformatics) I BIOC1805 Assignment 3 Supplementary Answer Sheet 1a. The tree in Newick tree format: (((A:1,B:3):3,H:4):5,(C:6,D:7):8,((E:2,F:1),G:5):3);
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Unformatted text preview: 1b. ((((A:1,B:3):3,H:4):5,((E:2,F:1):4,G:5):3):2,(C:6,D:7):6); 2. Juke-Cantor (JC) model: =-( -) d 34ln 1 43D...
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