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p2 - 3 Consider the following trees MOI-O DUO ironic a...

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Unformatted text preview: 3. Consider the following trees: MOI-O DUO) ironic a) Which of them are the same, as rooted additive trees? (1%) T1 9: T1. b) Which ofthem are the same, as unrooted additive trees? (1%) T2 1% T; c) Which ofthem are the same, as rooted topological trees? (1%) is, T} Tr; 1WD Ti ,TL :1) Which of them arethe same, as unrooted topological trees? (1%)}“‘ . L .Ti 3* .TSQ TL 4. A distance matrix is constructed fiom the multiple alignment of 4 sequences: Construct a rooted tree showing the relationships between A, B, C, and D by UPGMA. (10%) ME *A C C' \45 0.9M ...
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