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Assignment sheet - BIOC1805 Elements of Bioinformatics Java...

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BIOC1805 Elements of Bioinformatics Java Programming, course project Project title: Webpage classifier In this project, you will write a java program to do the following Develop a window application by java SWING, the GUI should contain elements that perform all the functions as below. In this pr oject, you will use skills in java Swing, IO, serialization, and data structure. These skills are extensively used in bioinformatics. I. Input a url and a html file, click on "fetch webpage", the program will download the page and save it to the specified html file. II. Read the local html file, strip all tags and convert it to pure text. Save the text into local .txt file. Both html file and text file shoul d be specified either by filling the text field, or by click on "choose file" botton. After both html and text files are chosen, by click "c onvert file" button, the program should strip all the tags and convert the html file into pure text, and save to the specified text file. III. Similar to step II, you will input or choose text and object files. In this step, you will read the text file, tokenize all the words an
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