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BIOC2811 Structural Bioinformatics Assignment 2: Modelling and Analysis of a Protein Sequence of Unknown Structure. Task: Select a protein sequence for which the structure is not known and create and analyse a three-dimensional structural model of it. This task requires that you identify homologous sequences and perform a multiple sequence alignment prior to modelling. Where possible the model should be based on multiple template structures. Evaluation of the model should involve ProCheck and an interpretation of the likely biological significance of the structure. Process: In selecting a sequence you may wish to consider sequences that cause human (or animal) diseases (OMIM or OMIA) as this will facilitate your biological evaluation. Take care that your sequence is not similar to a known structure in only a small region that is a common domain (such as a DNA binding motif like a homedomain) and should be unique to each student . If possible select a sequence that has several potential template structures (perform a BLAST search against the
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