Assignment_2 - Name: Lai Mei Kwan Michele UID: 2008078522...

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Name: Lai Mei Kwan Michele UID: 2008078522 BSc(Bioinformatics) II BIOC2811 Structural Bioinformatics Assignment 2: Modeling and Analysis of a Protein Sequence of Unknown Structure Protein chosen: protein-arginine deiminase type-6 [Canis lupus familiaris] NCBI Reference Sequence: NP_001091016.1 [ ] Sequence in FASTA format please refer to the file [protein-arginine_deiminase_type- 6_Canis_lupus_familiaris.fasta ] Protein chosen for alignment as template (in PDB code): 1WD9-A Biological significance of the target protein and the template protein The protein’s name is protein-arginine deiminase type-6 [Canis lupus familiaris]. It is the protein found in DOGS. The template protein is 1WD9, Calcium bound form of human peptidylarginine deiminase type4 (PAD4), which is the homologue found in human. The sequence and 3D structure of 1WD9 is known and resolved respectively. However for the dog’s protein, the sequence is only predicted and the 3D structure is for sure unknown. In human, PAD4 is a Ca 2+ -dependent enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of protein arginine residues to citrulline. Its gene is a susceptibility locus for rheumatoid arthritis. The findings identify a novel mechanism for enzyme activation by Ca 2+ ions, and are important for understanding the mechanism of protein citrullination and for developing PAD-inhibiting drugs for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. In the case of dogs, rheumatoid arthritis occurs most commonly in toy or small
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This note was uploaded on 07/29/2010 for the course BIOC BIOC2811 taught by Professor Dr.q.hao during the Summer '10 term at HKU.

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Assignment_2 - Name: Lai Mei Kwan Michele UID: 2008078522...

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