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The Mole and Molar Mass - First Calculate the formula mass...

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The Mole and Molar Mass 1. Moles to Grams: What is the mass of 2.54 moles of carbon? 2.54 moles C 12.011 grams 30.51 grams of Carbon 1 mole 2. Grams to Moles: How many grams of iron are in 34.6 grams of Iron? 3.46 grams Fe 1 mole of Fe 0.620 moles 55 grams of Fe 3. Formula Mass: What is the mass of CH4 Element Molar Mass Molar Mass Carbon = 1 12.011 12.011 Hydrogen = 4 1.0079 4.0316 4.0316 + 12.011 = 16.043 -> FORMULA MASS OF CH4. 4. What is the formal mass of Iron III Sulfate? Element Quantitity Molar Mass Mass of Each Fe 2 55.847 111.894 S 3 36.006 96.168 O 12 15.994 141.938 Formula Mass = 399.88 g/mole 5. What is the molar mass of 3.4 moles of MgC2?
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24.3050 grams/mole of Mg + (35.453 *2 grams/mole of Cl) =96.211 grams 3.4 Moles MgCl2 95.211grams / MgCl2 1 mole MgCl2 = 320 grams MgCl2 6. What is the percent composition by mass of C6H18O6?
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Unformatted text preview: First: Calculate the formula mass: For Test Physical and chemical Properties Tem Conversions mL, cc, L conversitions Density Phases of Matter Calculating num of proton and neutrons How to name ionic compounds For solids the empirical formula and the chemical formulas are the same! Percent composition data is used to determine an empirical formula. Separate measurements are used to determine the molar mass or molecular mass of a compound. The molar mass is 163.4 grams per mole, what is its molecular formula. Widget is an organic ompound composed of carbon 63.15 %, Hydrogen, 53.0%, and oxygen 31.55? 152.4 grams/ mole What is the empirical and molecular formula?...
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