DensityPerTrend - A Periodic Property: Density Objective:...

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Objective: Using a graph, the periodic trend of density will be investigated in this laboratory exercise to predict the density of a missing element. Safety: Eye protection must be worn at all times in the laboratory. Caution should be taken when handling metals. Your instructor will inform you how materials are to be used and returned upon completion of the experiment. Background: The periodic table that we know today is the outgrowth of scientific discovery and experimentation. In the late 1860’s Dmitri Mendeleev presented his attempt to organize the 60+ known elements of his time to the scientific commiunity. By arranging the known elements in order of increasing atomic mass, Mendeleev noted similarities in physical and chemical properties of the elements. His recognition of elemental trends led him to propose the periodic law for the classification for elements. Although Mendeleev was not the only scientist at the time to observe trends among the elements, he was one of first to use this insight of elemental trends to predict the existence and properties of elements yet to be discovered. Figure 1 is a version of Mendeleev’s periodic table.
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DensityPerTrend - A Periodic Property: Density Objective:...

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