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I don - of immigrants Everyone has a right to immigrate to...

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I don’t think I would want to immigrate to the United States because Mexicans today, reflects not only racial, ethnic, and religious prejudice but also a desire to maintain the dominant culture of the in-group by keeping those viewed as outsiders. The opinion I have of the immigration process is that the government doesn’t make it very easy. They probably made it harder because the economy isn’t that good right now and it’s only fair to help the American citizens who are already here. There are a lot of forms to choose from. What if you file the wrong one? I think the application to fill out would be the I-485, which costs $1,010.00. There is also a biometric fee of $80.00 for electronically capturing fingerprints. It can be very costly for a person coming from a poor country. I don’t think the United States government policy should favor any certain kinds
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Unformatted text preview: of immigrants. Everyone has a right to immigrate to the United States and it shouldn’t be a pick and chose process. It should be first come first served and if they don’t meet the qualifications then turn them away. I don’t think citizenship preference should be given to the neediest applicants but I do think if they have something (like talent) to offer and it will help the United States they should be considered and more concentrated on. I don’t think any applicants from certain countries should be given priority. Like I said everyone has a right to migrate to the United States. They just have to go through the process like everyone else. The United States shouldn’t pick and chose through people but they can and they will....
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