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In the past, all of my experiences with the CWE have been great. The CWE offers plenty of options to help make your work free of errors and also informs you of all the plagiarism in your paper. Other than the CWE there are other writing tool available for revising a research paper. You can revise your paper by self-revising, incorporating peer feedback and instructor feedback, and proofreading. There are also options for you to become your own editor and look at your paper with a critical eye. One option is to read your paper aloud. The more you read your paper aloud, the more comfortable you will feel doing it. You may be surprised at the number of errors you find from reading it aloud. The best time to complete a revision is a day or two after you finish the rough draft. Read through your paper at least two or three times over a period of a few days to a week to look for errors. Make sure you fulfill all the expectations for the assignment. Make sure you consider your audience to make them understand your purpose. You want your audience to be
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