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If the federal government has rules that tell us

If the federal government has rules that tell us -...

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“ If the federal government has rules that tell us, or certain people get pulled off planes, that’s telling us pretty blatantly that this is the group to worry about,” said David R. Harris, a racial demographer at the University of Michigan. By requiring male immigrants from Middle Eastern, South Asian, and other Muslim countries to register with authorities, the government is signaling that all males from those countries are dangerous. A similar message was sent in the months after 9-11, when the Justice Department detained 750 immigrants, mostly South Asian and Middle Eastern, on minor immigration violations to look for terrorist ties. A recent Department of Justice internal report tells how the government held many people without any proof of terrorist links, often for long periods of time, effectively stigmatizing entire groups. People who are or look like people from the east such as the countries of Asia, esp. of Eastern Asia. People who have an accent that sounds like they’re from Eastern
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Unformatted text preview: countries. In the months immediately following 9-11, hate crimes against Muslims shot up to 34 times their pre-attack levels, according to FBI reports. The Arabs-American Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), based in Washington, D.C., reported hate crimes against people believed to be of Middle Eastern descent increased 40 times before dropping to about double the former rate—and that rate has held steady. Reports of workplace bias have stayed consistently high. Parents are the first and most important and influential teacher. Parents need to be aware of what their children are watching on TV and what websites they’re viewing. Parents have to make an effort to get kids involved in activities outside the school walls that will give them a different experience. Parents can purposely get their children and their friends involved in service activities with people from different parts of the community....
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