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Measuring Change - includes three essential ingredients...

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Measuring Change A well motivated, fully contributing work force is key to competitive success has been growing rapidly in recent years. A feedback program makes a strong and meaningful statement to employees that are valued. It also lets the employees know that their ideas and opinions are valued. This can and does build loyalty to organizations. Such loyalty can result in employee contributions that encompass everything from wonderful new product ideas to creative ways to make themselves more productive. It also can help reduce turnover. An employee feedback program can also serve as an early warning system about legal and ethical issues. Organizations that provide a means for employees to communicate their concerns are in a much stronger position for reduced penalties. Benefits can be gained from soliciting employee input through and organized feedback program. If you treat employees responsibly, they will act responsibly. A key to developing a relevant, powerful and measurably effective program is a design that
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Unformatted text preview: includes three essential ingredients: convenience, comfort and completion of the feedback loop. A way to overcome roadblocks and create an effective and lasting employee feedback program includes two important factors. One is where responsibility for managing a feedback program is assigned. The other is the design ingredient of the actual program. To maximize effectiveness and credibility, any program for facilitating an internal dialogue should be assigned to an organization’s communication department. Companies should permit employees to submit their ideas and concerns on an anonymous or confidential basis. If employees are going to take the time and the risk to share their thoughts and ideas, it’s critical that the company let them know they are being heard and that their ideas and opinions are valued. The challenge is in finding a convenient, comfortable and cost-effective way to maintain a feedback system that truly feeds the needs of both management and employees....
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