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Organizational Development - objects that must be won over...

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Organizational Development People will resist change. Committees make efforts to conduct interviews to obtain employee thoughts and opinions but participants in the interview process often are distrustful of what the committee will do with their input. Employees start to wonder if they really listened, did they really understand, or are they just going to use the data selectively to reinforce previously held opinions. Because most teams do not do a good job of staying in contact with the interview participants and providing feedback about how data is used in developing the ultimate recommendations, the cynical view prevails. Because it is assumed that people will be predisposed to resist the new, it treats them as
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Unformatted text preview: objects that must be won over rather than people who would be willing partners in creating a new and better organization. It limits their participation rather than supporting it. The engagement paradigm collaboration across boundaries, increases teamwork, creates partnerships with customers and suppliers, and builds organizations that have the capacity to respond to tomorrows challenges. Leaders and employees must learn to work in an atmosphere where there can be a give and take of ideas. Employees and leaders need to work together in addressing issues, because each group has information the other does not have....
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