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The Value of Effective Communication

The Value of Effective Communication - The Value of...

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The Value of Effective Communication Unless companies invest ways where paradigm shifts can be experienced by large numbers of people, then change will remain a myth. When people are excluded from the change process from the very beginning, they rarely exhibit the necessary levels of ownership and commitment to see the change process through to a successful conclusion. By including employees in the change process from the very beginning, companies were able to reduce resistance to the new work procedures. High-involvement groups, in which employees were involved from the beginning, not only, outperformed the no-participation groups, they also experienced increased productivity while no-participation group’s productivity dropped and grievances and quits increased. Exclusion produces resistance. Inclusion produces ownership. Make sure leaders at all levels of the organization are included in the process from the very beginning. Provide opportunities for direct involvement through orientations, town-hall meetings, walkthroughs, feedback sessions, intranets, and large group
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