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Strategies for creating trust and leading the change process

Strategies for creating trust and leading the change...

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Strategies for creating trust and leading the change process Today’s company’s environments must have organizational structures that support innovation, adaptation, and learning. Employees want to know that their voices are being heard and that their ideas and opinions matter. Leaders can show respect and show that they are really listening to the company’s issues by not bringing other work to meetings so they can give their full attention to the people at the meetings. A good way to show respect and earn trust is by not interrupting or talking over them and to listen to their input. If the executives don’t show the employees that they care, than the employees might resist to the organizational change. Leaders need to let the employees know that
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Unformatted text preview: they can trust them and have open and honest communications with them. Let the employees know that they are valued as well as their ideas and opinions. Taking the time to build relationships between people and ideas is essential to creating necessary connections. There is less resistance when leaders create conditions that demonstrate that each member of the community is valued. To sustain commitment, it is essential to create information-sharing and feedback systems so that community members can monitor progress. Creating a safe enough environment, developing equity and fairness, allowing high-involvement decision making, and promoting freedom and autonomy are the important challenges that leaders face as they embrace democratic principles....
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