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Promoting Cultural Diversity

Promoting Cultural Diversity - them to express difference...

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Promoting Cultural Diversity I believe that many people think of ethnicity, race, and gender when they first think about diversity because of all the issues related to it in the past and in today’s world. People think before they speak or act because they don’t want to offend anyone. You can offend a person because of their race, ethnicity, or gender without even knowing it. This is a major issue in the workplace because you don’t want to unknowingly offend someone and then get sued or make enemies. Leadership can promote cultural diversity to create effective change by empowering people and give them the tools to do their work. This also reinforces individual empowerment. You get the highest level of productivity by being respectful of people’s differences. Leaders can try to develop an environment for people that allow
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Unformatted text preview: them to express difference. To see successful changes, leaders need to harness the diverse talent they have in their work force so they can meet their objectives. It is very important for organizations to accommodate to cultural differences in order to stay in business. Due to the change in their customer base, companies have to be able to accommodate these changes and different cultures. If companies can’t communicate effectively with different cultures, they will lose money and a lot of business. Because most companies became global entities they had to learn how to deal with different cultural issues. Recognizing cultural differences needs to be addressed in order to do effective business. When people see changes being made to accommodate them, it shows them the respect they are receiving....
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