Algebra Jan 1999

Algebra Jan 1999 - Algebra Qualifying Exam January 1999...

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Unformatted text preview: Algebra Qualifying Exam, January 1999 Directions: {1] Answer all questions. ['Ibtal possible is till} points.) {2] Start each question on a new sheet of paper. {3} Write only on one side of each sheet of paper. Notes: All rings and motiules are unitary. The rational numbers vviii be Lienoteci by Q1 the real numbers by It1 the complex numbers by C, the integers by Z, the non~negative integers {including [i] by N, the positive integers by N”, and the finite fieicl with p elements by FF. 1+ {ltl points} {i} vae that a group with only a linite number of subgroups must be finite. {ii} Prove that a nontrivial group is infinite cyclic it and only if it is isomorphic to each of its nontrivial subgroups. 2+ {15 points} {1} List all the nontrivial Sylow subgroups of 55, the set of all permutations on five letters. The subgroups must be given expiicitly n in terms of a generating set for example. {ii} Is 5'5 nilpotent T Prme or disprove. {iii} Is 3!. solvable ‘5' Prove or disprove. 3. (5 points] Let R be a commutative integral domain containing a field i: as a snbring. Suppose that R is Einite dimensional when viewci as a investor space. Prove that R is a fleltl. 4. {it} points] {a} Let I be an ideal in the polynomial ring 3 = flinch. Nara]. The radical of I in S is the icleal 1.2“? := {f E S : f“ E I for some in E {Ti}. Prove that we“? is the intersection of all prime ideals in 3 that contain I. {b} A monoinial in S is a polynomial in S with only one term and unit ceeflicient. For example is a uronomial in Hahn]. A IIunrn-mial in 5' is usually cienobed an as“ where o: E N“ and :s" = ril‘agi a mag“. A. mononiiai ideai in S is an ideal in S that is generated by monomiais. Let M = {Ifl1l...l.rmli be a moaemioi‘ idea! in 5'. {il Find a generating set for vM in terms of the generating set for M. {ii} Is the radical of Mr again a monomial ideal in S 'i' If not. provide a counterexample. {iii} If M is a prime inonemial idesJ. then what is the general form of M '? 5. {5 points} Let R be a ring {with 1}. Let M be a simple {unitalj Ft-rnodule. Prove that there exists a rnaxitnal left ideal L of R such that Rf L E M as Fit-modules. I5. [11] points} Let R be a ring, and let P be an R—module. Shim that the following are equivalent: {i} P is projeetive, [ii] Ever]; short Exact sequence [1 —} A —} B —} P —i‘ [I is split exact. {111] There exists a tree R—Inodule F and an ernodule if such that F’ E H E) P. 7. {ID points] Let it” he. the splitting field over IQ of the polynomial r“ - 2:2 — 1. Determine the lGalois group G of lift}; find all intermediate fields and match them up with the subgroups of G. 3. {25 points} Let p be a prime and let a be a rational number that is not a pth power. Let K be the splitting fieEd of the polynomial .rl’ -- a over Q. [i] Prove K is generated by apth root o of a and a primitive pth root .5 of unity. {ii} Prove [K : C1] = p{p— 1}. {iii} Prove that the Galois group of Kit} is isomorphic to the group of invertible 2 x 2 matrices of n i: a I] the form . with entries in FF. Explicitly describe the action of the elements and 01 lEll 1 El on. the generators. II] 1 {iv} If p = '? how many intermediate extensions are there of degree equal to {i ever Q ’5' ...
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Algebra Jan 1999 - Algebra Qualifying Exam January 1999...

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