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Miller, UWP 104F Paper #1: Short Technical Explanation for a Lay Audience For your first assignment, write a brief explanation of a specific health-related matter, disease, or procedure. The information must be technical enough that an average reader would probably not be able to understand it without your help. Ideally, you should NOT use sources for this assignment . However, it’s okay if you need to consult sources to fill in a few gaps of memory or knowledge, as long as you credit the sources at the end of your paper. These sources must be drawn from work intended for technical or professional audience—such as a journal article, or several such articles—and not from sources such as WebMD or Wikipedia . Your audience will be laypeople—that is, people with no specific medical training, and especially no training in the field to which your topic belongs. While they do not have specialized training, they are not stupid, and are not necessarily uneducated. They have at least a high school education, and perhaps have been to college too.
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