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Miller, UWP 104F Paper #3: Narrative Case Study For your next assignment, I would like you to write a second case study. This paper will have many of the same requirements, and perform many of the same tasks, as Paper #2, the Formal Case Study; the list of requirements below is, in fact, reprinted directly from the Paper #2 assignment sheet (and shortened a little). This time, however, the style will be radically different. For this second case study, feel free to use Sacks’ “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat” as a model. You can also use Atul Gawande as a general guide to style; more specifically, look at chapters, such as “The Pain Perplex” and “A Queasy Feeling,” in which Gawande tells the story of a single patient and uses it to comment on a disease or other health-related matter. These models do include the kinds of information that would appear in a more formal case study; they simply do so in a style more appealing to an audience outside a clinical setting. And a sense of your audience will be one key to writing this assignment.
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