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UWP 104F Miller Paper #4: Position Paper Increasingly, admissions committees of graduate programs in the health sciences (e.g., medical schools) have been asking candidates some version of this two part question: What do you consider the most pressing issue in your chosen field (or in the health field in general), and what do you think should be done about it? For your fourth assignment, you are invited to begin preparing for this question by writing a response in essay form. To this end, keep in mind what an admission committee is looking for in asking such a question: First of all, they want to see that you are a curious person who has been thinking about your field—and your place in it—in a broad, serious manner that extends beyond your own career considerations and memorization of a myriad of facts for exam after exam. They want students who are capable of getting good grades, sure, but they also want you to be well rounded and thoughtful. Your choice of topic—and indeed your actual position—will generally be less important
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