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UWP 104F Miller Paper #4: Topic Exploration Paper For your fourth paper, write an explanation of a specific health-related matter, disease, or procedure. This essay will consist of a mixture of technical explanation and historical and/or cultural (perhaps including trans-cultural) overview. In other words, you will need to provide a helpful explanation of your topic but also an overview of the ways in which this topic has been understood and dealt with in the past and how it is variously viewed today, including relevant controversies or differences across cultures, ethnicities, economic brackets and so on. Choose a topic that is narrow enough to be covered with reasonable thoroughness within the essay’s suggested length, yet complex enough to provide sufficient interest to a wide range of readers. You will also need to think of your audience differently; this time, you are writing for an educated audience, but in a field that may be remote from the one in which your topic falls. A good way to go about visualizing the audience is to imagine you are writing an article to be
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