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Miller, UWP 104F Final Exam: Personal Statement Essay Most graduate/professional schools require that applicants for admission complete a personal statement, or a “statement of purpose” (both terms are in use). In it, applicants will be asked to explain why they should be admitted—why they have the skills, personalities, and qualities that will make them successful students in the program and professionals in the field. In some cases, the personal statement will provide committees with information on which they may ask you to elaborate in a personal interview; in some cases it will replace the interview. In either case, it can be an important evaluative tool for a committee that is attempting to make decisions in an often highly competitive environment. For your final “exam,” write your own version of a personal statement. Try to make your personal statement as realistic as possible; our goal is to come up with a document that you can actually use—as a draft at the very least—when you apply to a program.
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