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ph 141 probability and statistics in biology and public health summer 2010 brief course description: probability descriptive statistics sampling distributions confidence intervals and tests for means and proportions comparing the means of 2 populations comparing proportions in 2 populations regression, analysis of covariance introduction to logistic regression introduction to analysis of variance course objectives: to develop an understanding of the concepts and models and their applications in a way that balances theory and practice, so that the students: 1. gain a basic understanding of techniques for summarizing and analyzing continuous response data 2. gain a basic understanding for techniques for binary response data, including an introduction to logistic regression 3. are able to incorporate statistical results into scientific articles and reports and to critically evaluate the use of statistics in science 4. are able to work effectively with statistical consultants 5. have a foundation that equips them for expanding their statistical toolkit
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This note was uploaded on 07/29/2010 for the course PH 141 taught by Professor Lahiff during the Summer '10 term at University of California, Berkeley.

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crseinfo141_10 - ph 141 brief course description:...

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