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ph141_summer10_descr - ph 141 summer 2010 ph 141 is an...

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ph 141 summer 2010 ph 141 is an intensive introduction to applied statistical methods. Although the course has been designed specifically for those embarking on a one-year MPH degree, the course meets the needs of a broad range of undergraduate and graduate students. As part of Berkeley Summer Sessions, ph 141 is available to visitors and to high school students with permission of the instructor. This class covers all the material from ph 142 (formerly ph 142a) and a good deal of the material from ph 145 (formerly ph 142b), along with an introduction to logistic regression, which is covered in ph 241 and ph 245. Students who complete the summer course are encouraged to continue to develop their statistics skills by taking one or more 200 level courses such as ph 245, ph 241, ph242c, or ph 252. The main textbook is Introduction to the Practice of Statistics by David Moore, George McCabe, and Bruce Craig, 6th edition, either the extended version (green cover) or the shorter version (yellow cover). Both versions have the same chapters, with some of the advanced
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