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Week 1 Day 4 - groups But for all the evil that is done in...

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Religion, throughout history, has produced an equal amount of honorable deeds and heinous  acts. Religious sects create a great deal of pride in their members. Because of this pride,  individuals have carried out actions that have fabricated some of the worst periods in the history  of mankind. The Great Crusades were waged between Christians and Muslims for the rights to  the holy land of what is now Israel. Each side, with enormous amounts of pride, refused to  concede to the other. This caused the crusades to last the length of two centuries. The  bombings on 9/11 where carried out by men who believed they would receive high favor from  the Islamic god Allah for carrying out these atrocious plans. Religion, by producing such high  levels of pride, has caused huge ruts to be formed between the people of different religious 
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Unformatted text preview: groups. But for all the evil that is done in the name of religion, there are just as many people that use their self proclaimed calling to try and better the world. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., an ordained minister, fought for civil rights in America everyday of his life, a life that was tragically cut short by an assassin. The basis of almost all religions is the idea that good conquers evil. Religions will never be perfect, but the idea of a world without them is much more terrifying. At the end of the movie Angels and Demons, the new camerlengo of the Catholic church states, “Religion is flawed, because man is flawed.” I do not believe a better summary could be said....
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  • Dr. Martin Luther, heinous  acts. Religious, atrocious plans. Religion, Islamic god Allah, different religious  groups., Catholic church states

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