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1. The three dimensions to business problems are improved decision making, competitive advantage, and survival. Improved decision making can be summarized in the use of information systems to help the management of a company be able to make more educated decisions on different things. Making more educated decisions will ensure that the right path is taken for the company to remain lucrative. Competitive advantage is the use of the available technologies to help the company stay on a competitive level with all of its competitors. This is extremely important, because once one company gains an edge it usually means the end of its competition. The last of the business problems is survival. This is a very easy explanation. Survival is the most key function for any business. A business must do whatever is necessary to survive in today’s difficult world. Using the most up to date technologies is one way of ensuring survival.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. The difference between IT and information systems is that IT describes all the areas of technology and an information system is one part of technology. An information system is a very valuable tool that is used to take groups of data that are scattered throughout a business and explain exactly how they are related. With all the data stored and explained in a single computer program it is now accessible to anyone throughout the company without having to go to different departments. This of course is a computer program and must be ran by workers, but if ran correctly will save the company huge amounts of time, as well as gain production levels which will lead to increased revenue. An information system is a tool that is used daily in almost every company in the world in one form or another. Sometimes the system is so basic that we do not even recognize it for what it is, but the system is there doing its job....
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